Glass-lined Shell&tube type Condenser

Glass-lined Shell&tube type Condenser

Model No.︰10M2

Brand Name︰BAOTANG

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Glass-lined shell and type condenser, also called glass-lined multi-tube heat exchanger, in which a tube bundle is inserted into a sleeve, one end of which extends out of the sleeve and is supported above the tube sheet of the tube box. The sleeve is placed horizontally in the shell, the two ends of the shell are connected to the tube box, jackets are installed around the shell, the baffle is installed vertically in the shell, and the sleeve is fixed to the pipe plate with flanges and bolts. The upper and bottom of the jacket have tube openings.The jacket can increase the heat exchange area, and the baffle plate can increase the flow of materials in the heat exchanger to prevent short circuits and save energy.The glass lining is in the sleeves and tube bundles and tube plates. The heat exchanger can be used as a heater or cooler or condenser with high heat exchange efficiency, and is suitable for petrochemical, pharmaceutical and fuel industries.Glass-lined Shell&tube Type Condenser, specification : 5m2, 10m2,15m2,20m2,25m2,30m2 etc.

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